Make your money grow but choose the best way to do it. Most leading personal finance experts prefer to advocate the route of improving their earning power instead of saving money, so which do you think is the best way to grow your wealth? One can argue that it is better to have a combination of both good earning power and setting money aside for a nest egg. If you are looking to explore ways to how best to grow your wealth, then looking into the fundamentals is a good way to start.  The Old-Fashioned Approach The conventional way of[…]

23.07.2019, Tuesday. History has been made. Never has it occurred in the world of financial advisory that it is possible for consultants and consumers to share a mutually beneficial relationship with just a click of an app. For the consultants – no more shunned phone calls or cold calling, no more struggles in finding new leads and now you can just sit back and let the app do the visualisation of your client’s financial health on your behalf. Afterall, a picture paints a thousand words. Open cases after cases – with the support of SyncWealth’s proprietary features, specially designed with[…]

E-commerce scams are now found everywhere online, and as we live in an age where the majority of us prefer online shopping rather than walking into a store, we should educate ourselves about the online scams that are so prevalent to avoid being scammed. An e-commerce scam is an online scam that occurs on a website requires you to input personal and payment-related information. Gone were the days where a physical credit or debit card was required to commit fraud, technology has advanced far enough that all a fraudster needs to commit the online scam are you inputting your details[…]

“You have to be rich to be poor”, this is a saying that rings true as it is expensive to be poor. A poor person is part of the endless cycle of forking out money for essentials and bills while having no improvement to their lifestyle as it is just too expensive to save, invest or make any sort of financial improvement towards their quality of life. A poor person will find things that cost “normal” for a middle income person to be too expensive for them as they are fighting tooth and nail just to survive to pay for[…]

Practising frugality is often mistaken as being a cheapskate; there are vast differences between the two. The mentality of being economical, reducing waste and getting the best value for what you are spending is being frugal. The mindset of being cheap is the overwhelming desire to not spend money for anything; people who are cheapskates have an obsessive desire to hold on to their cash. A miserly person’s character is very different from a frugal person, and you would find that you would prefer the company of the frugal person rather than a cheapskate. A frugal person has good budgeting[…]

Are you clueless about your own financial situation? Many of us do not have a clue about our own financial and retirement goals. Worse still, we do not even keep track of our spending and how much we are saving towards their retirement.  This is an issue. Everybody should know their own financial situation and goals. After losing control of their own financial situation, many of us end up accumulating insurance products that do not benefit us. Or even worse, we do not know what these insurance policies cover and end up getting policies with overlapping coverage. It will not[…]

Finding yourself low on cash and having a surplus of material things that you don’t need lying around? You don’t need to look far to solve your money troubles, all you need to do is sell your stuff! There is a huge market for second-hand goods, and if your things are in great condition you should be able to sell them for a good price which is an excellent way to earn some extra cash. If you are wondering what items can be sold as second-hand goods, the marketplace is a huge avenue that can help you sell a variety[…]

Do you find yourself missing policy renewals and ended up in late payment? With SyncWealth, you’ll receive timely reminders way before your policy lapses. We know the importance of being sufficiently covered, and God-forbid it, we missed our policy renewal due to mistakes that were avoidable.  We’ve all been there. Mentally reminding ourselves. Getting our spouse to remind us. Writing it down in our notebooks. Typing it on our phones to help us keep track of our premiums, deadlines, bills, and all other possible payments – and that’s good. But let’s get real, that will only work if we remember[…]

Are you interested in making your money work for you as a side passive income? Then perhaps it’s time to start looking at investing your hard-earned cash into investment options available in Malaysia to grow your nest egg.  If you are just looking through and researching your options for your first-time investment in Malaysia, then you will need to start by determining a few essential details to narrow down which sort of investment would work best for you. One of the first things you would need to do is have a comprehensive understanding of your finances, a complete breakdown of[…]

I nearly forgot – I have an appointment with my financial advisor later! I guess I do not have to prepare anything for the appointment. Because, I have organised, neatly filed and placed all my insurance documents under my bed. Appointment time! “Good afternoon, Mr. Lim. Do you have all your documents prepared for your policy review?” my advisor asked. Obviously, I have safely kept all of them under my bed. I went to my bedroom to grab my documents. To my disbelief, the files were not there. I searched high and low throughout my house, but to no avail.[…]