The Horrible Truth About Adulting (And How 6 JARS Can Save You)

Finally, after years of battling endless exams, teenage acne and crippling anxiety from the fear of being shunned by your peers, you’ve crossed the line into adulthood. You’ve just landed your very first job, one of the lucky few from your cohort to do so, and so soon after graduation. The rollercoaster is over, the intensity of your problems will soon pitter out because finally, you’re in the clear. Compared to the angst and grief of your teenage mutant (not quite a ninja) turtle years and the desperate frugality of college life, adulthood is going to be a breeze…right? 

If this is truly your train of thought, then you’d better learn how to chain your head to your neck before you get swept and battered by winds far more brutal than a post mala fart. 

– My stomach to my a**hole 30 mins after having Mala for dinner

The horrific truth about adulting is that it is far worse than anything you’ve prepared yourself for; you’re your own worst enemy. That’s right, adulting means being a hundred percent accountable for your OWN mistakes *shudders* and worse still, your own FINANCES. Yes, and that includes concepts such as: saving, investment, insurance, loans, and credit scores, where one careless miscalculation can potentially cause you to spiral into a life of crippling debt. Found that chain yet? Don’t worry, as daunting as that may sound, just a year ago we found a life-changing hack, known as The 6 Jars Budgeting System, to keep that head firmly attached to your neck. 


The 6 Jars System not only clarifies your expenditure allowance, but it also provides a great foundation for financial literacy to be further developed. Once you’ve gotten the hang of budgeting, you can move on to more advanced decisions such as investments and building your portfolio. 

You must be scoffing right now, like who doesn’t know how to save or budget their income? After all, as frugal Asians, the concept of saving for a rainy day has been no doubt drilled into our very bones since young. Well here’s the tea: many grown adults struggle to keep up with their savings as their lifestyle matures. In November 2019, Business Insider Singapore reported that “Half of all Singaporeans don’t have enough savings to cover six months of expenses if they lose their job – and one in five say they won’t even last a month.” (Chia, 2020).

What many don’t realise is that saving and budgeting are two different concepts that tend to overlap, and many make the mistake of placing more emphasis on saving well rather than budgeting within your means. When you have no clear budget, your money is more likely to slip through your fingers like sand.

With the 6 Jars System, it’s unlikely that such a thing would happen any longer. 


The gist of The 6 Jars Budgeting System is that your income is divided into 6 Jars with the objective of helping you more efficiently achieve the ultimate zen zone of financial freedom. The Jars are essentially 6 different accounts to help you grasp on where you should be taking money from for certain expenses, as well as organising your savings and long term investments. The best part is: literally anyone can use this system, as it’s based on percentages rather than a set income bracket. And don’t worry, as you can also adjust the percentages to your individual needs.

The Jars are divided as so:

Simple right? For a more in-depth explanation of how to use The 6 Jars System, head over to this article.


Alright alright, so maybe you’re considering taking our advice and filling your six jars with honey. But wait, what’s the catch?

There are 3 fundamental rules to follow when using the 6 Jars system:

1. Allocate funds within your means

This means knowing full well what constitutes necessity and what doesn’t. Food, rent, electricity, all these falls under the category of can’t live without. Now, those 90$ pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for example… 

In the age of performative wealth, it’s important to keep in mind that you DON’T need to be on par with Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle, or the lifestyle of any influencer. Your need to impress your invisible followers will only hurt you financially in the long run, yet we understand that the expectation to continuously visually broadcast yourself on contemporary social platforms may inevitably lead to succumbing to pressures to put out a glamorised veneer on what your life looks like. In times of distress, check out this article for our list of wallet-friendly clothing dupes that still allows you to be bougie on a budget. 

2. Self-Care is Self Love 

I’m not talking bubble baths and avocado toast, even though they are valid forms of self-care. No, in this case, self-care means also taking care of your future self. In other words: hold out on touching your Long Term Savings Jar for as long as possible until it’s a well-deserved treat & any expenditure made should be done so with your future self in mind. 

Taking care of your future self also means making sure you have at least 6 months worth of your necessities in a separate savings account. 

3. Plant the seed, trade the fruit

This seed, being your financial freedom account, should be nurtured and watered consistently. Like a fruit tree, you should never harvest before it’s ripe. It goes without saying that this Jar shouldn’t be touched, ever (if you can help it). The fruits of your labour should be used to plant more trees, not for making lemonade. This Jar is the most crucial account in propelling you into a state of financial freedom.

Who says money can’t grow on trees? Or, er, be trees?


Now that you’re armed with the sacred knowledge of The 6 Jars System, adulting is sure to be a summer’s breeze. If you’re confident that you’re ready for Advanced Level Adulting, and you’re looking to learn more on maximising your journey to financial freedom, you may want to refer to this article which talks about 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Wealth Protection. Better yet, consider enlisting the help of a Financial Advisor from our list of carefully curated users on the SyncWeath App (not sure why YOU benefit most from having one? Click here to learn what you’re missing out on). Even so, as long as you keep those Jars in mind, you’re likely to be in a better off financial state than most in the long run. 

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