The Wuhan virus or 2019 Novel Coronavirus has affected the world in many ways across various industries. The tourism industry has seen a drastic decline with travel being closed off in a few regions across China. Many countries are concerned about the spread of the Wuhan virus and have taken extreme measures to bar the Mainland Chinese from entering. The Coronavirus has since spread to more than 27,000 people and has claimed more than 500 lives. Currently, there is no confirmed vaccine for the virus, causing worldwide paranoia of contracting the flu. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared[…]

Always wanted to travel but unable to do so because you can’t afford it? There are ways to have a cheap vacation and not compromise on having a great time exploring another country. All you need to do is some research and have the willingness to be a little more adventurous during your travel. #1: Travel During Off-Peak Season Plan your travel dates wisely; off-peak seasons are the best times for budget travels! Avoid travelling during school holidays and other major holidays; this gives you the leeway to save money on airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses that can be[…]