So you did it. You managed to talk your parents into letting you move to the big city and now you’re finally on the road to independence! All that is left is to find a place to stay with your friends and split the rent, easy stuff! Right?  Wrong!  Getting your own place isn’t just paying for the rent. You’ve got bills to think of, the water, the gas, the Wifi…But how should you approach this if this is your first time? Figure Out Your Financial Standing If this is the first time you’re stepping into financial independence, then this[…]

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is gaining more attention and traction in Malaysia recently but did you know that this form of security investment plan was established back in 2004? REITs were first introduced to the public in America in the 1960s, but you may consider this form of property investment fairly new to this part of the world. If you are interested in property investment to diversify your portfolio, then REITs are “on-trend” right now for a unique way to invest. Additionally, if you prefer to invest in stocks, then REITs are right up your alley since this type[…]

One of the hardest investment programs to dabble in Singapore is property investment due to the high valued real estate in the country. Owning property in Singapore is something of an achievement as most citizens struggle to even afford their HDB flats but with the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs), Singaporeans are able to invest and earn some income via property investing. What are REITs? Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) or sometimes known as Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust (S-REITs) is an investment method that uses shares that are focused on real estate. Companies that sell their shares[…]