“Never talk about money at the dinner table,” they used to say. For a long time, it was considered extremely impolite to discuss the topic of money with others. This taboo originated from the British. Back then, if you happen to be wealthy and you were freely discussing money, you would come across as gauche and extremely tacky.  If you were financially struggling, on the other hand, talking about money was useless and only creates more stress. Hence, parents were reluctant to expose their children to that burden. Today, the taboo still exists among us. Whether it’s with your family[…]

How to help teenagers manage their money? When we talk about parental responsibilities, rarely does financial literacy come into the conversation.  Teaching your kids, especially teenagers, about proper money management skills should always be a priority. We don’t want them to struggle with their finances once they reach adulthood, do we? Nor do we want them to be financially dependent on us forever. But where do you begin with such a daunting task? Start with Tracking If you were to misplace one of your belongings – your smartphone, for example – what would be the first thing you do? You[…]

Expecting a little bundle of joy to join the ranks of the family soon? Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood! Being a new parent is all about exploring and learning about new boundaries. Most lessons about being new parents start with the preparation process for the little one to arrive. If you and your partner are feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of things needed to be purchased for the child, then perhaps this cost breakdown might be helpful to budget your potential childcare expenses. 1. Hospital Visits Your prenatal checkups are important as you will be[…]