Valentine’s Day is regarded as a romantic but expensive occasion by most couples, and this is mostly due to retail companies jacking up their prices during the celebration. As soon as February starts, one can expect the costs of flowers, chocolate arrangements and dinner plan to be more expensive than usual. With that said, you do not need to burn a hole in your wallet to celebrate the occasion well. It is possible to have an enjoyable, budget friendly Valentine’s Day with these following tips. 1. Cook The Meal There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who[…]

I grew up in a middle-class income family. Money was certainly not something my mother would coin as easy. If there’s anything I remember about money as a child, it would be her favourite phrase – “You think money grow on trees ah??” in a typical Asian mum fashion. With two working parents, we had enough growing up. It wasn’t luxurious, but we weren’t entirely deprived either. There were enough to eat, we had a decent roof over our heads and the privilege of going to school. There were occasions where my parents gave in when I relentlessly wanted something,[…]

We each have a certain set of beliefs or attitudes towards a lot of things in life – politics, sports, religion, education, and even money. Your money attitude is how you shape your beliefs about money; what it means to you, and what it represents. How do you feel about money – are you greedy about it or are you bitter? And how much does money influence your non-financial decisions? Money attitude is your way of thinking about money If you’re a little unsure about your money attitude, we have just the exercise for you. Find a secluded spot and[…]

It’s back and it’s big! Tomorrow, Singapore is celebrating their 54th National Day AND the 200th anniversary since Sir Stamford Raffles’ stepped into Singapore. That was a long time ago, wasn’t it? To further build up the patriotic air, we have compiled a list of national day deals in Singapore – from food to shopping to experiences – just for you! Enjoy! 1.Pizza Hut’s 20% Off For pizza lovers out there, Singaporeans are out for a treat with this offer from Pizza Hut. On August 9th, Pizza Hut is offering 20% off from total takeaway bill! This offer is only[…]

As a generation focused on living in the moment, millennials are prone to making big mistakes with their finances. We spend too much time on online shopping, streaming websites, viral restaurants etc. But no worries, because these are the money missteps this generation is making and here’s how to combat them! 1. Not Setting Up an Emergency Fund Life is often unpredictable which is why emergency funds are important! When unexpected situations occur – medical issues or a job loss – it is crucial that we have a fallback account to rely on as an extra measure. But millennials are[…]

Have you ever been in a situation where just last week, you had all the money in the world but today, your wallet is as empty as the day you bought it. Did you scratch your head, head shaking in confusion, wondering where on Earth did your money go? Have you ever been so frustrated in yourself because when will you ever learn how to manage your money properly? FEAR NOT! We have a solution for you and this solution is called JARS Money Management System, a 6 jars method! The 6 jars method requires you to split your income[…]