So you did it. You managed to talk your parents into letting you move to the big city and now you’re finally on the road to independence! All that is left is to find a place to stay with your friends and split the rent, easy stuff! Right?  Wrong!  Getting your own place isn’t just paying for the rent. You’ve got bills to think of, the water, the gas, the Wifi…But how should you approach this if this is your first time? Figure Out Your Financial Standing If this is the first time you’re stepping into financial independence, then this[…]

As a generation focused on living in the moment, millennials are prone to making big mistakes with their finances. We spend too much time on online shopping, streaming websites, viral restaurants etc. But no worries, because these are the money missteps this generation is making and here’s how to combat them! 1. Not Setting Up an Emergency Fund Life is often unpredictable which is why emergency funds are important! When unexpected situations occur – medical issues or a job loss – it is crucial that we have a fallback account to rely on as an extra measure. But millennials are[…]