Are you clueless about your own financial situation? Many of us do not have a clue about our own financial and retirement goals. Worse still, we do not even keep track of our spending and how much we are saving towards their retirement.  This is an issue. Everybody should know their own financial situation and goals. After losing control of their own financial situation, many of us end up accumulating insurance products that do not benefit us. Or even worse, we do not know what these insurance policies cover and end up getting policies with overlapping coverage. It will not[…]

Do you find yourself missing policy renewals and ended up in late payment? With SyncWealth, you’ll receive timely reminders way before your policy lapses. We know the importance of being sufficiently covered, and God-forbid it, we missed our policy renewal due to mistakes that were avoidable.  We’ve all been there. Mentally reminding ourselves. Getting our spouse to remind us. Writing it down in our notebooks. Typing it on our phones to help us keep track of our premiums, deadlines, bills, and all other possible payments – and that’s good. But let’s get real, that will only work if we remember[…]

I nearly forgot – I have an appointment with my financial advisor later! I guess I do not have to prepare anything for the appointment. Because, I have organised, neatly filed and placed all my insurance documents under my bed. Appointment time! “Good afternoon, Mr. Lim. Do you have all your documents prepared for your policy review?” my advisor asked. Obviously, I have safely kept all of them under my bed. I went to my bedroom to grab my documents. To my disbelief, the files were not there. I searched high and low throughout my house, but to no avail.[…]