Never miss your policy renewal with SyncWealth

Do you find yourself missing policy renewals and ended up in late payment? With SyncWealth, you’ll receive timely reminders way before your policy lapses. We know the importance of being sufficiently covered, and God-forbid it, we missed our policy renewal due to mistakes that were avoidable

We’ve all been there. Mentally reminding ourselves. Getting our spouse to remind us. Writing it down in our notebooks. Typing it on our phones to help us keep track of our premiums, deadlines, bills, and all other possible payments – and that’s good.

But let’s get real, that will only work if we remember our premiums are due in the first place. And most of the time, we do not keep track of the dates, especially for non-monthly payments such as quarterly to yearly premiums. And chances are, all your insurance policies will lapse separately – making matters worse.

So, there we go – what we’ve just mentioned about trying to be on top of things won’t even happen! You forget something when it’s not at the forefront of your mind. Plain and simple. And sure, your insurers might send you paper reminders to your home, but we could safely say the chances of you religiously checking that mailbox is as good as none.

So what do we do?

You know you’ll regret it when you miss your policy renewal, so it’s best to prevent it from happening.  It’s too late once you’ve missed the boat. Resolving to remember your next premium’s due date through sheer determination alone isn’t going to cut it.

We could go on all day about how this is a major problem, but that’s not our focus. We’re here to fix this and that’s why we engineered SyncWealth. With our proprietary ‘Snap & Sync’ function, you can easily upload all your insurance policies on to our app’s SyncVault anytime, anywhere. Once your policies are processed, all the important information including your premium due dates will be automatically synced. A month before your policy lapses, you’ll receive a reminder from us so you could get your finances ready and never miss your policy renewal again.

If this article helps and it makes sense to you, now it’s time to act on it. Start adding your policies on SyncWealth and regain control over your finances – like it should be.

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