Never lose sight of your progress towards your life goals

Are you clueless about your own financial situation?

Many of us do not have a clue about our own financial and retirement goals. Worse still, we do not even keep track of our spending and how much we are saving towards their retirement. 

This is an issue. Everybody should know their own financial situation and goals.

After losing control of their own financial situation, many of us end up accumulating insurance products that do not benefit us. Or even worse, we do not know what these insurance policies cover and end up getting policies with overlapping coverage. It will not be wise to buy insurance blindly into every type of coverage that entices us. To have a full understanding of your coverage, it is insufficient to glance through our policies. It is important for us to pay attention to every single word in our policy document and safely store all these documents.

Attain your financial goals with SyncWealth

Financial goals may be hard to attain. It takes determination and hard work to achieve them. It may be simple to start thinking of your financial goals with zeal. But it is also common for the feeling to fade and people give up halfway. But having SyncWealth, it will help you stay on track!

Using SyncWealth, you can now save your policy documents and share it with your financial advisors. This enables you to clarify any language ambiguities with your advisors and make sure you do not buy policies with overlapping coverage. 

Sharing documents with your trusted financial advisor

You can also calculate the amount of monthly savings needed to retire comfortably using the Financial Freedom Calculator

Financial Freedom Calculator

Additionally, you can set financial goals on Syncwealth easily, and you can even work together with your trusted financial consultant on these goals. Financial advisors can update you on your progress, right after you make changes to your portfolio.

Setting financial goals on SyncWealth

By setting your financial goals and knowing how your products can help you, you’ll know if you’re on track towards financial freedom. Or know how much more savings you need to get there. With Syncwealth, you’ll have clarity over your finances and certainty over your financial future!

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  • Avatar Pam says:

    Where do we download the app? Is it available in the Philippines? Thank you

    • Avatar Serene Tan says:

      Hi Pam! Thank you for your inquiry. We’re glad we’ve piqued your interest in SyncWealth.
      Right now our app is still in Beta mode, but the official download will only be available on the Google Play/Apple Store on the 13th of August. However, at this point in time, our app’s full feature will only serve the Malaysian and Singapore market. With that said, we are striving to continuously expand throughout the region. Kindly subscribe to us on Facebook (search: SyncWealth) and Instagram (search: syncwealth_official) for the latest updates! 🙂

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