Never lose another important policy document with SyncVault cloud document management

I nearly forgot – I have an appointment with my financial advisor later!

I guess I do not have to prepare anything for the appointment. Because, I have organised, neatly filed and placed all my insurance documents under my bed.

Appointment time!

“Good afternoon, Mr. Lim. Do you have all your documents prepared for your policy review?” my advisor asked.

Obviously, I have safely kept all of them under my bed.

I went to my bedroom to grab my documents. To my disbelief, the files were not there. I searched high and low throughout my house, but to no avail. Where did my files disappear to?

A sudden memory hit me! How absent-minded, I realise I left my documents in my office by accident. This is embarrassing. I got my advisor to meet me at my place, yet I misplaced my documents.

“So sorry to keep you waiting. I think I left my documents in my office. I’ll try logging in into my insurance portals instead.”

Wrong password entered…

Awkward, there are way too many accounts. I can’t possibly remember all these passwords. 

Maybe some of you can relate to this scenario. It’s frustrating for you, and time-wasting for your trusted consultant. 

SyncWealth makes everything available in one place. The right documents tagged to the right policies. You can allow access to your trusted agent. This means you get total consolidation, even on your policy documents.

Sharing documents with your trusted financial advisor

All you need to do is access SyncVault, and start taking photos of documents you want to be stored within SyncWealth.

Storing your documents using
Snap & Sync

It’s that simple. Now you can leave those heavy files, messy statements, and old dusty documents under your bed. (You don’t even have to bring them to the office!)

Tap here to start doing so now!

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