Master the Way to Save Your Home Electricity Bills with These 8 Tips

The Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in many Malaysian workers to start working from home and minimise public gatherings. In other words, you will be spending most of your time staying at home to avoid contributing to the spread of disease. But hey, the more time you spend at home, the bigger the energy consumption. During this period of time, your electrical bills might be slightly higher compared to your normal weekdays. You must be thinking on the ways to save electricity during your prolonged period at home. But before that, let’s get to know the average usage cost of your electrical appliances according to the current domestic tariff rate.

After all, your family size, modern lifestyle, the number of electrical appliances you own and the hours of usage are factors that will determine how much your monthly electricity bills turn out to be. So how can you save your electricity bills when you need to stay home?

Switch to LED lighting system

If you’re not particularly household appliance-savvy, the last time you heard about the word LED was probably during high school. So what is LED? Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting system is 80% more energy-efficient compared to traditional incandescent lights or fluorescent lights. Not only it saves your energy consumption but LED light can last up to 3 to 25 times longer too. LED lights use less power (watt) and provide more natural-looking light. You can find LED lights in multiple sizes and shapes in Malaysia. This means you will have plenty of options to choose from and be creative with it. So, is it time for some changes yet?

Unplug when not in use

Have you experienced getting nagged by your mum for keeping the television on when you sleep? Because I have. We are used to switching off our gadgets or electrical appliances when we don’t use them. But did you know that leaving them on standby or plugged in can still draw significant amount of power while waiting for the next usage? Yes, your electric kettle, computer and television are still drawing approximately 12% of electricity while being left on standby. So next time, consider cutting the vampiric power consumption completely from the wall. Just like you, they require a break too.

Set your cooling system

Living in Malaysia with this hot weather is surely hard to reduce the usage of air conditioners. Don’t worry. You can still use it but in a very efficient way. How? You can still keep your house cool by setting them between 23°C to 25°C, an optimal level for your cooling system to run and lessen the power drain. Don’t forget to shut the door as it helps to keep your home cool faster. Let’s not make them work too hard. You can also set a timer for your air conditioner, especially when using it during your bedtime. Our body loses heat and requires less cooling as bedtime approaches. Therefore, keep your bills low by setting a timer to your cooling system at an optimal temperature.

Keep it clean

How often do you clean your home electrical appliances? It is better for you to stay updated with its maintenance to ensure they run smoothly. Have your air conditioner and fridge regularly serviced and cleaned. Clean the air filters in your cooling system and the coils at the back of your fridge. They can get really dusty and dirty over time so make sure to get them cleaned at least once a year in order to keep your cost low. By keeping them clean, you will reduce 5% to 15% of the energy consumed. Not only do you let them run smoothly but you help them last longer too.

Energy-efficient appliances

Perhaps you are planning to get a new fridge. This is a perfect time for you to look for energy-saving appliances so that it will help to reduce your electricity bills. Look for energy labels when purchasing any electrical appliances. You can also consider replacing your old appliances with energy-efficient appliances especially those that energy guzzlers.

Source: Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Remember to aim for a 4 to 5-star energy rating. The more stars on the sticker, the less energy consumed. The upfront cost will be higher than it’s cheaper counterpart (those with less star rating), but a little investment for the long-term is worthwhile – not only for your pockets but they’re more environmental friendly as well.

Shorter showers

How many of you spend hours in the shower? Perhaps you are wondering about the existence of this universe (some say the best ideas come when you’re in the bathroom) or maybe you enjoy belting out your favourite tune from within the four walls (we don’t deny that the echo helps too). Indeed, nothing is more calming than letting the water run over you after a long day. However, it is more energy-efficient for you to shorten your shower time as that’s how you contribute to the rise in your utility bill. Many people have this common habit when it comes to shower time, unless of course, they are a fan of icy cold water (we’re not, urgh).

Energy-saving laundry

A washing machine is one of the electrical appliances that consume more energy at home, compared to the fridge, television and air conditioner. One way to be green with your washing machine is to wash a full load at once. That’s how you can reduce energy consumption using the washing machine. The more the cycle, the more energy it will consume. Isn’t it such a waste to wash only two pairs of jeans and one blouse at a time? You can also change the setting of your washer into energy-saving features like ‘quick wash’ to save more time and reduce the amount of electricity used at home. If you are used to washing your laundry at high temperatures for disinfection, doing your laundry at low temperatures could actually reduce energy consumption more.

Deploy daylight

If you’re finding a way to save your home electricity bill, this is the best time to get help from mother nature and make full use of daylight. Why waste the energy by turning the lights on during the day when you can just let natural sunlight do its job? Let your window opens during the day to reduce the usage of lights. The light will eventually bring warmth and brightness into your home. Malaysia is blessed with hot weather during the day, throughout the year.

Thus, we are fortunate enough to just air-dry the clothes instead of using a dryer which uses up quite a huge amount of energy. But if you prefer a dryer, consider using an energy-efficient dryer to lower your utility cost. You can save at least half a day’s worth of energy by using daylight as much as possible.

Saving energy does not only save your pocket but it helps the environment too. So, start doing your part and let’s go green!

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