Love Frugal Shopping? Then You Need This Guide: All About Malaysian Bundle Stores

Bundle stores.

You may or may have not heard of it, but no one can deny its popularity. These stores have been trending for awhile now, especially among students and fresh graduates. This category of people have a very tight budget but they want to look good too! So how can they make a fashion statement without sacrificing an arm or a leg for it? Easy. They shop at bundle stores!

Vintage Stores VS Bundle Stores

In Malaysia, bundle stores are not to be confused with vintage stores. Vintage stores are selective with their collections, choosing only the rare prints or from iconic designers, and sell them at a higher price.

On the other end of the spectrum are bundle stores. Bundle stores was given their name from the bundle of clothes they receive, all second-hand. Their selection is a little disorganized and you will probably need an entire day to go through them until you find a precious gem. But bundle store prices are significantly lower!

There are plenty of bundle stores across Malaysia, some franchise-sized while others are independent businesses. But what are the best ones and popular ones in the country? 

Top 4 Shopping Worthy Bundle Stores in Malaysia

1. Bandoru

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Bandoru gets their items from Japan, hence the romanized bandoru (バンドル) which translates to the word “bundle” in Japanese. Preferring the term “pre-loved” instead of “second hand”, they sell quality and branded items for an affordable price. Bandoru has received numerous praises for its items and can be found at Shah Alam, Senawang, Bangi, Seremban and Angsana JB.

Not located near you? No worries, you can shop at Bandoru online! They’re open every day and operates from 10am – 10pm on weekdays, 10am – 11pm on weekends.

2. Jalan-Jalan Japan

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Jalan-Jalan Japan is a huge outlet that sells second hand items from Japan. The place is so huge it can be overwhelming for first timers but that’s where the fun starts. From clothes to bags to household items and toys, customers can find practically everything at Jalan-Jalan Japan. But the true standout for this particular bundle store is it’s second hand kimonos and yukatas. You can get them at only RM60 and they come in all colours and patterns! They’re also in pitch perfect condition.

Jalan-Jalan Japan can be located at One City Sky Park, 1Shamelin Mall, Centrepoint Seremban, and M3 Mall Taman Melati. Their business hours is 10.00 am – 10.00 pm, open every day.

3. JBR Bundle

Image taken from Klook

If you’re looking for really cheap items, JBR Bundle is the one you’re looking for. JBR, like Jalan-Jalan Japan, sells pretty much everything. You can find office blazers here for RM5 and jeans for RM15. They even recently introduced the RM2 department at their Bandar Sri Damansara outlet.

You can check out their stuff at these outlets –  Banting (Jalan Banting Jenjarom/Jalan Sultan Alam Shah/Kanchong Darat), Glenmarie, Hulu Langat, Cheras, Bandar Sri Damansara, and Kajang. Each outlet has different operating hours that you can refer to here

4. Baden Baden Bundle

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One of the oldest bundle business in Malaysia, Baden Baden Bundle is the pioneer of pre-loved shopping.  They’re famous for their outerwear collections – you can find denim jackets, bomber jackets, winter coats, blazers, windbreakers…you name it, they have it. So if you’re looking to add some spice to your wardrobe with affordable jackets, you can drop by Baden Baden Bundle whenever you’re free. 

You can check out their many outlets here as well as the operating hours.

Still not convinced?

It’s easy to confuse shopping at bundles with being a cheapskate. For most people, they shop at bundles simply for the price and not the quality. To them, the cheaper it is the better. But at SyncWealth, we advocate for quality in all matters. Hence, if you practice it right, you’d find shopping at bundles is a great frugality practice! 

Be Frugal With Bundles

When you live frugally, you are making conscious choices and changing the way you think about your expenses – in this case, your shopping habits. As well know, shopping is addictive and too much of it can be destructive to your finances. But when you do it right, it’s a great experience and a habit you should have. So, what’s the best way to shop at bundle stores?

How to Look for Quality at Bundles

Your goal is to look for quality so the best way to start is by getting your shopping timing right. Try to avoid going to bundles on the weekends since there would be more people thus less chances of you finding a hidden gem. Most bundle stores in Malaysia operates until midnight so if you’ve got the time and energy for it, drop by after dinner on a weekday. That way you’ll have the place to yourself.

In addition, don’t shop during clearance sales as well. Clearance sales are better left for branded items because you’d know the quality won’t be jeopardized. The same can’t be said for bundle stores, however. 

Next, don’t get items you can’t fix. Found a decent looking shirt but there’s stains on it? Put it back between the racks and move along. Stains are notoriously hard to get rid of, plus who knows how long the stain has been there or where it came from! The same goes for any holes or tears. If you don’t have the resources to fix them (you can’t sew or am not familiar with any tailors), it’s definitely not worth the RM10. Remember, quality over price!

Get ready by preparing in advance. Going bundle shopping unprepared is the same as going grocery shopping without a list! Given the prices, you would definitely overspend on items you don’t actually need and spend more when your goal was to save in the first place.

You can prevent this common mistake by planning ahead what you need. If you’re looking for office attire, head to the blazers and slacks sections only. Feel like you wardrobe needs more blouses? Then stay in the blouse category until you finally find one. Giving yourself some kind of goal to follow makes it easier for you to stay on budget.

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