Is Covid-19 leaving you jobless or unpaid? Consider these remote work options.

No thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Malaysia has been put under partial lock down under the Movement Control Order. Under this order, many of us will be working from home and avoid going outside unnecessarily. You are fortunate if your company is still paying you during this difficult period. However, many people are financially affected either from layoffs or forced to go on unpaid or partially unpaid leave. On top of that, the world’s long stock market bull run sees its first collapse after 12 years, causing many to see red in their portfolios.

The prime sector affected is no doubt the airline and tourism industry. Many airline staff in Malaysia have to take unpaid leave for up to three months even before the implementation of the movement control order. If you’ve been living from paycheck to paycheck all this while, money will definitely be an issue.

Can you afford panic buying or should you be panicking over your wallet? Whether you’re working from home, out of job or looking for additional ways to increase your earnings as the global economy dwindles further, check out these remote work options to try and boost your income.

UPDATE: It is now compulsory for employers to pay employees full salary during this stay-home period under the Movement Control Order.

Remote Work Options You Can Consider

1. Online Tutoring

Since schools, universities and other skills-based institutions have to be closed, consider earning money by teaching what you know best. During this Movement Control Order, the only access for students to get information and knowledge is through the Internet. Parents out there might opt for an online tutor for their children as they surely wouldn’t allow their kids to spend two weeks doing nothing at home (cue: #AsianParents). Now is the perfect time for you to boost your income by becoming an online tutor from home.

You can teach almost anything of your expertise from school subjects to university courses or even specific skills-based training. Try to search for any e-learning platforms used by most Malaysians and start teaching from there.

Tip: It can range from baking, photography, language, painting, sewing, designing to even basic Microsoft skills. Do not limit yourself.

2. Flaunt Your Photographs

How do you rate your photography and editing skills? It might not be possible for you to go outside and shoot the views at the moment. Even professional photographers can’t pull off their job in this situation. If you consider your skills above 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, go through your camera roll and start selling your best photographs as stock photos. There are various platforms to start your stock photos selling but the all-time favourite platform to display your creative content is definitely via Shutterstock.

3. Online Freelancing

Do you have any skills that can be put on sale? If yes, now is the time for you to start utilising your skills and turn them into profitable businesses by becoming an online freelancer. Here are several online freelancing jobs to try out:

A lot of companies nowadays are willing to outsource their jobs to lighten their burden and reduce their budget in hiring a full-timer. So, kick off your side hustle by building a strong portfolio through available online freelancing platforms. Unsure of what you can offer? Browse through their platforms to see what other remote work options fit your bill. Once you’ve done all that, you can start promoting your services via social media. How much you’ll be earning boils down to how good your skills are, and how well you market yourself.

4. Game Streaming

Rise up all the gamers out there. Now it’s your time to shine. Your mum would probably be nagging if you spend so much time playing games but what if all the hours spent are paying off well? There are lots of gamers out there who live stream their video gameplay and earn money. You can start via YouTube gaming before going for other live game streaming platforms. But you probably need to invest in a good microphone and a gaming PC if you don’t have one. Having clear and crisp audio for your videos is essential for online streamers. Just make sure your home internet speed is fast enough to support your part-time gaming career.

5. Online Blogging/Online Streaming

Similar to this blog, online bloggers are people who write extensively on a specific or niche area of interest. Pro tip here: Writing on a particular area of interest instead of writing generally on anything and everything under the sun brings you better traction and traffic to your website or blog. But of course, do not expect instant revenue or profits by blogging as inbound marketing takes time. Remember, you’ll need to build your audience and fans as well.

A spin off from online blogging would be to repurpose your written content into video content (aka online streaming). According to science, vidoes are processed 60,000 times faster than text. In case you’re wondering which form of content performs better on social media – videos take the cake.

6. Sell Your Handicraft, Baked Goods or Food Delivery

Talented in making dainty little jewelry, home-made soaps, essential oils, makeup or handicrafts? Set up an online shop on platforms such as Shopify, Etsy or social media, and start marketing them. As mentioned previously, this is not the time to be coy about your talents. If you have it, flaunt it.

Or similarly if you are a skilled home baker or cook, this is the time to get your goods out to hungry stomachs out there that are home-bound and do not know how to cook beyond heating up frozen meals and boiling instant noodles – via #contactlessdelivery of course.

One very important aspect to take note of – be extremely careful and hygienic with your preparation methods and make sure that all equipment used are sterilized if possible. As the home business industry in Malaysia is not heavily regulated, it’s important for you as the business owner to ensure that no one at home is sick and is capable of passing the virus to you or contaminate the items you’re selling. If in doubt, don’t do it and consider the other options mentioned above instead. #socialresponsibility

In Conclusion

Hopefully these remote work options or side business ideas will help those in need during this time of economic downturn. If you’ve been laid off, struggling to meet ends meet or looking to increase your income, start on one (or more) of these options as soon as you can. Bear in mind, how much you earn will depend on your skill set, marketing abilities and market demand for the goods or services you’re providing.

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