Feasible ways to increase your income even when you’re working full time

Are you sitting there at your full-time job, wondering how to increase your daily cash flow? Whether you are in need of a part-time job or want to be freelancing, you’ve come to the right place. In this day and age, with social media and marketplaces like Lazada, it’s easier to have a side income even while having a full-time job. No doubt property and other types of investments can make you money, but here are five solid ideas to increase your cash flow today.

Side Hustle #1: Selling Stuff

Join millions of people as they spark joy organizing their homes and throwing out junks. In your case, collect those junks systematically (from your own home, your parents, family and friends) and put a price tag on them. Look for local events like car boot sales or get on to sites like Carousell, and start selling! Marie Kondo has made her money teaching people how to declutter; you should turn this craze into profit! Hot tip: Second-hand baby stuff (think cribs, stroller and car seats) are really in demand.

Perfect for: Those with tonnes of clothes and cool/unique furniture, toys or collectible pieces. 

Good-to-have skill set: Photography and writing (if you choose to sell online).

Time allocation: Weekends (if you choose to participate in garage sales or other types of events).

Side Hustle #2: Participating in Market Research or Mystery Shopping

Arguably one of the most fun and exciting part-time jobs around. You never know what you will be invited to participate in, seriously! It could be a focus group about food, mystery shopping at a prestigious jewellery store or completing a simple 5-minute online survey while in your pyjamas. Yes, these and more are possible with so many local and international market research firms around. Just do a quick Google search for them and fill in the registration forms. Alternatively, you can find these openings at job sites.

Perfect for: Those who are opinionated.

Good-to-have skill set: Good verbal or communication skills.

Time allocation: If you can spare a couple of hours on weekdays, you can possibly earn more. 

Side Hustle #3: Pet-Sitting or House-Sitting

This is more suitable for teenagers, right? Wrong! Don’t discount this opportunity just yet. If you are not afraid of dogs/ cats or other home pets, and especially not allergic to them, this might be something you can do.

Thanks to affordable air travel and holiday accommodation, people are travelling more often these days. Usually, these furkids will be housed at a pet hostel where conditions can be far from comfortable, and they cost a lot too. Enter – you! What services can you offer? Feeding, playing, bathing, cleaning, and the list goes on! If you enjoy jogging, start your freelancing job offering dog-walking for medium to large dogs. And if you know people who would be on vacation, you may consider house-sitting for them. Water the plants, bring in the mails, feed the fish and make it seem like someone is home (you can’t put a price on that one!).

Perfect for: Those who are staying near pet(dog)-friendly parks or those who need the extra exercise.

Good-to-have skill set: Love dogs or cats or other home pets – yes, it’s considered a skill in this instance.

Time allocation: Mornings and evenings. Could possibly go up to a couple of days or even a week.

Side Hustle #4: Be An Event Crew

There is no shortage of events out there. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming conferences and exhibitions, even roadshows. In events like these, they would need help with registration and ushering, food and catering, setting up and tearing down models, and so much more. Let’s not forget the day-to-day sampling events. You can be that friendly face that introduces shoppers at hypermarkets to a new product. If this is your calling, join Facebook groups that are dedicated to hiring for event jobs and you can easily apply for jobs there too. You can also register with companies that provide event crew services for a more consistent side income.

Perfect for: Those who enjoy meeting people.

Good-to-have skill set: Customer service skills.

Time allocation: Full day, usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ka-ching Ka-ching Side Hustle #5: Selling Training Programs

We saved the best for last. This is *the* freelance job that can bring you real side income! Here’s the idea: Aim for training companies, or any company for that matter. Sell a product or service and earn 10-15% commission for each sale. There are many training companies advertising on Facebook. Approach them and offer your services. What do you do when you get the job? Hint: WhatsApp, Facebook, email or just call them! You want to increase cash flow, right? This will do it!

Perfect for: Those who have a strong network and desired skill set in the industry you’re interested in

Good-to-have skillset: Marketing and sales.

Time allocation: The more time you invest, the more you can earn.

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