Expecting a little bundle of joy to join the ranks of the family soon? Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood! Being a new parent is all about exploring and learning about new boundaries. Most lessons about being new parents start with the preparation process for the little one to arrive. If you and your partner are feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of things needed to be purchased for the child, then perhaps this cost breakdown might be helpful to budget your potential childcare expenses. 1. Hospital Visits Your prenatal checkups are important as you will be[…]

Always wanted to travel but unable to do so because you can’t afford it? There are ways to have a cheap vacation and not compromise on having a great time exploring another country. All you need to do is some research and have the willingness to be a little more adventurous during your travel. #1: Travel During Off-Peak Season Plan your travel dates wisely; off-peak seasons are the best times for budget travels! Avoid travelling during school holidays and other major holidays; this gives you the leeway to save money on airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses that can be[…]

Did you know that talent, money and looks aren’t always factors for success? It’s true! It’s easy to believe that only certain people will ever be successful in life but you’ve been misdirected. What makes someone rich and successful, ladies and gentlemen, are habits. Yes, you read that right. HABITS! Today we have 8 special tips and habits of the rich and successful for your guidance: 1.       They Read a Lot Reading is an enriching experience and rich and successful people know this. According to Tom Corley, the difference between rich people’s reading habits and poor people’s[…]

Do you know where you stand financially in Malaysia? Today, there are three different income groups categorized by the Department of Statistics’ (DOSM) Household Income and Basic Amenities (HIS/BA) survey of 2016 – T20, M40 and B40. As of now, DOSM is currently carrying out their 2019 survey nationwide. According to them, every year the level of income for every group increases which is also a sign of Malaysia’s economic growth. Before we delve into the categories, let’s introduce certain concepts and terms (just so you don’t get too confused). But what is T20, M40 and B40? T20 stands for[…]

Bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies.  It took the world by storm when it was first introduced in 2009, leaving many bewildered, fascinated, many folds richer – but also poorer than before. Other than losing money in an investment we do not fully understand; people also lost their hard-earned cash to bitcoin SCAMS. Scammers manipulate emotions and desires in a person, identify their weaknesses even in the most well-educated person and prey on them – making them the next unwilling but unsuspecting victim in their elaborated web of lies. It may not be easy to tell the authenticity at first glance, but there will[…]

Ever felt jealous of people winning the lottery or experiencing a sudden windfall that elevates their financial state to an unimaginably wealthy status? Well, the grass is never greener on the other side, and life always tends to pose problems to people in almost every state of financial status. The poor and the rich both have their own set of issues to deal with. People who experience sudden windfalls like winning the lottery jackpot or inheriting an enormous amount of money out of the blue are usually envied for their luck, but the newly rich have notoriously exhibited problems with[…]

As a generation focused on living in the moment, millennials are prone to making big mistakes with their finances. We spend too much time on online shopping, streaming websites, viral restaurants etc. But no worries, because these are the money missteps this generation is making and here’s how to combat them! 1. Not Setting Up an Emergency Fund Life is often unpredictable which is why emergency funds are important! When unexpected situations occur – medical issues or a job loss – it is crucial that we have a fallback account to rely on as an extra measure. But millennials are[…]

Have you ever been in a situation where just last week, you had all the money in the world but today, your wallet is as empty as the day you bought it. Did you scratch your head, head shaking in confusion, wondering where on Earth did your money go? Have you ever been so frustrated in yourself because when will you ever learn how to manage your money properly? FEAR NOT! We have a solution for you and this solution is called JARS Money Management System, a 6 jars method! The 6 jars method requires you to split your income[…]

On July 23rd, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad launched the National Strategy for Financial Literacy 2019-2023 and ignited a thought-provoking discussion between Roshan Kanesan and Robert Foo on Wednesday’s Ringgit and Sense Podcast. Themes of the podcast include financial literacy, financial planning and EPF’s e-Member Investment Scheme but for contextual sake, let’s take a look into the financial situation occurring in Malaysia. Knowledge is Critical How do we expect to manage our money well and make the best financial decisions if we have no sources or information to base our decisions on? It is a dangerous path, one committed[…]

Are you sitting there at your full-time job, wondering how to increase your daily cash flow? Whether you are in need of a part-time job or want to be freelancing, you’ve come to the right place. In this day and age, with social media and marketplaces like Lazada, it’s easier to have a side income even while having a full-time job. No doubt property and other types of investments can make you money, but here are five solid ideas to increase your cash flow today. Side Hustle #1: Selling Stuff Join millions of people as they spark joy organizing their[…]