“Properties are the best investments in Singapore” – Almost any other person It is true… To a certain extent. Since Singapore is land scarce, property prices generally goes in an upward trend. Rental fees are always on the rise, just look at all the poor hawkers that had to move due to high rental rates. “Ya lah, so properties are the way to go. Good and secure, good money from rental. Invest in it won’t be wrong. So why am I reading this sia?” – Probably you right now Yes, IF you invest in a property that has a decent[…]

When is the best time to invest in property? Successfully investing in property is the result of a few key elements coming together and working perfectly – gaining enough capital, finding the right property to purchase and the right timing to close the deal. It is not enough to have one or two of these elements when you want to invest in real estate. You should have all three aspects to ensure your investments earn a justified ROI for you. You might be wondering if there is really a best time to invest in property and the answer is yes.[…]

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is gaining more attention and traction in Malaysia recently but did you know that this form of security investment plan was established back in 2004? REITs were first introduced to the public in America in the 1960s, but you may consider this form of property investment fairly new to this part of the world. If you are interested in property investment to diversify your portfolio, then REITs are “on-trend” right now for a unique way to invest. Additionally, if you prefer to invest in stocks, then REITs are right up your alley since this type[…]

One of the hardest investment programs to dabble in Singapore is property investment due to the high valued real estate in the country. Owning property in Singapore is something of an achievement as most citizens struggle to even afford their HDB flats but with the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs), Singaporeans are able to invest and earn some income via property investing. What are REITs? Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) or sometimes known as Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust (S-REITs) is an investment method that uses shares that are focused on real estate. Companies that sell their shares[…]

Ah, the first home. It’s every young, wide-eyed young man and woman’s dream. The tingling of the keys in their hands, and the excitement of turning the lock to the door of their first pride and joy in the milestone of their adult life and career. Buying a home is a pretty big deal. But with so many options out there, the whole process can get a little bit intimidating. But fear not. Buying a house need not be as complicated as it sounds. Here’s a guide to help you figure it out: Step 1: Determine the reason for your[…]