Top 5 Part-time/Freelancing Gigs You Can Do In Malaysia

Getting a side job as a freelancer or a part-timer has been the norm for the longest time.  Some do it as more people struggle to keep up with inflation and need to conjure up cash as soon as possible. Others just refuse to adhere to the 9-to-5 working hours and would prefer to be their own boss. 

Regardless of the reason, the freelancing market in Malaysia is slowly expanding as a third of Malaysia’s workforce is involved in freelancing!

There is no shortage of online or offline job opportunities in the market these days but if you’re too overwhelmed, no worries. Take a look at our top 5 best freelancing gigs in Malaysia (just in case you’re seriously considering one!).

Top 5 Best Freelancing Gigs in Malaysia

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are always on the lookout especially in advertisement. This is because graphic design plays a significant part in how the public perceives the company. A company with a poor graphic design portfolio will be seen as less professional in comparison to a company with an excellent graphic design portfolio. Hence, most companies are always hiring graphic designers.

Skills You Need

  • Creativity: An essential skill you need. Creativity in designing means thinking out of the box so that you can set yourself apart from other designers. An eye for detail and extensive knowledge in colour theory will get you far in the design industry because if your work is not innovative and eye-catching, you’ll have a hard time getting hired.
  • Communication: You’ll be communicating a lot with your clients which is why you need basic communication skills. You are going to discuss with the clients on the type of designs they want, the concepts, what they wish to express through the designs, as well as negotiate for the best or fair price that will benefit you in the long run. 
  • Proficiency with Various Design Softwares: The more design softwares you’re familiar with, the better. Softwares like Adobe Photoshop is a basic skill you need but you should also be efficient with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

2. Writer

The next one on our list of best freelancing gigs in Malaysia is writer! Language is notoriously difficult, especially when it comes to writing. The ability to convey a whirlwind of information with just words and sentences is a valuable asset which is why writers are always in demand. If you enjoy writing and want to make a living out of it, consider freelancing as one. Writing is a wide field – you can either be a content creator, technical writer, creative writer, or a copywriter.

Skills You Need:

  • Language Proficiency: You can’t be a writer if you’re not proficient in the language. When you write, ensure your grammar is impeccable, your sentence structure is correct, you are up to date with lingos if necessary, and that you are able to convey the message efficiently with just words
  • Communication: Much like a graphic designer, you will have to communicate a lot with your clients. This is to understand what their core idea is so you can develop great content for them
  • Time Management: If you want to be a writer, good time management skills is a must. This is especially true for freelancers so you can juggle between multiple writing gigs and your personal life
  • Editing & Rewriting: Writing the perfect first draft is a miracle but for most writers, you need to edit and rewrite a lot to produce great content. Constant editing and rewriting is great because you get to develop your own writing style and practice developing good materials
  • Keyword Research Skills: Being a good content writer is more than just writing, it is also related to how you strategize your articles to appear on the first page on a search engine. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. If done correctly, your choice of keywords can attract traffic and audience to your writing

3. Website Developers

Website developing is one of the toughest jobs around the globe but there’s no denying that it has become one of the most wanted jobs currently. In today’s age, websites are crucial tool for every company because it helps establish credibility as a business. Consider being a freelance web developer if you have the necessary skills and time to commit to it!

Skills You Need:

  • HTML/CSS: To be a website developer, you need to master HTML or CSS, the basics of coding and markup language. HTML builds the skeleton of a website while CSS provides the website its style and look
  • Javascript: Another skill you will need is JavaScript (JS). Where HTML is a markup language and CSS is a style sheet language, JS is the coding language that determines the function. A web developer that doesn’t know JS is like a writer that doesn’t know the language
  • Analytical Skills: Your ability to collect and analyze information, solve problems, and make decisions will be crucial in this work field. You will need to pay attention to the smallest of details and identify potential issues as well as how to solve them

4. Dropshipper 

Dropshipping is a retail method where a store sells a product, purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. Dropshipping is one of the best freelancing gigs in Malaysia because of it’s growing trend. You can tell as much from the many online shops on Instagram or Lazada. If you’re interested in managing a business without the hassles of starting up your own, then try dropshipping!

Skills You Need:

  • Sales: Sales skills are essential for running an online store. Your task is to convince customers why they should buy your product or else, you’ll never be able to generate some sales from your dropshipping business
  • Strategy: You ability to strategize will either make or break your dropshipping business. Whether it’s the pricing strategy or marketing strategy, a good drop shipper will identity potential strengths and weaknesses through strategic planning to generate sales
  • Time Management: As a part-time drop shipper, you will need great time management skills to balance your side job, your main job, and your personal life. This particular skill is important to ensure your customers needs are met. For instance, if you take too long to ship their order, you might lose potential customers and this will affect your brand
  • Resourcefulness: Resourcefulness is a major skill when running a dropshipping business. A resourceful drop shipper will always find a way to seek solutions. They know who to contact if they encounter a problem, how to use search engines to learn how to do something, and know when to ask for help and when to solve a problem on their own

5. Tutor

Tutoring is a classic part time job and for a good reason. As a part-time tutor, you can set your own hours depending on your experience and availability and it will spare a significant time for other commitments as well. More reasons why it’s one of the best freelancing gigs in Malaysia!

Skills You Need:

  • Creativity: Creativity in teaching is essential because you need to present the information in a way your students will find engaging. You need to be flexible, open to new and unorthodox ideas, and be innovative
  • Interpersonal Skills: While your task as a tutor is to deliver information clearly and accurately, you need to do so in a personable way if students are to feel relaxed enough to ask questions
  • Patience: Every teacher or tutor needs patience in this task. Sometimes, your students have a harder time than most to understand or learn something and that’s okay. Set your expectations about how long it might take students to get their heads around new ideas and never push forward with your lesson plans until they understand the concept

Where Can You Find These Gigs?

Websites like Fiverr and Freelancer.my are great if you want to start writing or designing. You can even find multiple groups for freelancers on Facebook; each catering to a different industry. For tutors, do check out Myprivatetutor.my!

Always remember to cast your net as wide as possible and you’re bound to land jobs!

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