8 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Wedding is a beautiful affair, but it can also be costly to those who are not prepared for it. A typical wedding can set couples back by at least an average of RM50,000 in Malaysia and even up to $100,000 in Singapore.  Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to make your wedding memorable. Here are some smart ways to save on your wedding for a wallet-friendly event. The last thing you want is to put a strain on your relationship after marriage due to financial issues. This issue is especially prevalent among divorce cases in Malaysia in 2018.

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1. Create a wedding budget

This tip is so basic, yet it still deserves to be mentioned first. According to a survey done by WeddingWire, couples tend to underestimate their wedding budget by a whopping 42%! This shows how important it is to work around a set budget so you don’t overspend on the wedding. A good way to start with your budget is detailed here.

2. DIY your wedding plans

Getting a wedding planner can be expensive for most couples. So why not take some time to do it yourself since it is your big day after all? Consider doing some research on the internet on how it can be done. In return, you will appreciate the freedom you have in customizing the theme to your budget.

However, this will obviously take up more of your time and effort. Evaluate this carefully with your partner if you’re both willing to trade time for money. Consider also roping your family and friends in to help out. You’ll be surprised what each of them can bring to the table – especially if they’re gifted in the creative side of things.

After all, many hands make light work, plus you get to save on your overall wedding cost.

3. Reconsider having hotel weddings

If you’re on a shoestring budget, or generally just wanting to cut out as much unnecessary cost as possible, look for alternative venues. For the most part, hotel weddings are well-known for causing a big hole in your pocket. In fact, there are many other places to celebrate without sacrificing the grandeur and festive atmosphere, while keeping your wedding budget lean.

Some of the other options available which can save you some money if you are open to it include restaurants, outdoor or semi-outdoor event spaces, function halls, community halls or even your home if you have the space and permission (from your housing community) for it.

4. Plan your wedding off-season

72% of couples choose to have their weddings between May to October and preferably on Saturdays. Hence, if you’re willing to do it off season, you’ll be able to save on your budget more. Doing your wedding on an odd weekday or month might affect the turn-up rate, but informing your families and friends ahead of time should make up for it.

5. Book ahead and save on your wedding

Just like your air ticket, making your plans way ahead, say a year or two is a brilliant way to save on your wedding. As a result, this gives a lot more room for negotiating the pricing. You can approach service providers for the venue, caterers, flowers, decorations, door gifts, wedding cakes and your wedding dress/suit to fetch a lower price as you are giving them “early bird” business and still work within your budget.

Plus, with having the luxury of time in your hands, you have the advantage of shopping around for the best price and do your comparison without succumbing to the pressure of deadlines and fear of places or services being booked out.

6. Leveraging network and keep businesses local

This should be the time where you utilise all the networks you have built to source if they can offer the wedding services at a better rate. Examples of services you will be needing in your wedding include:

  • Flower arrangement
  • Photographer
  • Catering
  • Bartending
  • Make-up artistes
  • Decorations
  • Master of Ceremony or Emcee
  • DJ
  • Transportation

You would be surprised with how much you can save if you have good connections that are willing to give you a fair price for your big day.

7. Don’t offer endless alcohol

For our non-Muslim readers, instead of going for endless alcohol offers by the venue or caterer, bringing your own (BYO) alcohol is also another way of saving money. Getting your own beer and wine in bulk from suppliers goes a long way and besides, not everyone drinks.

8. Send e-invitation cards instead

The tech-savvy era has connected everyone via the internet, and you can notify everyone with just a tap away. Consider sending out your beautifully designed e-invitations through messaging applications or social media to cut down the cost of sending physical cards.

Before you go

If saving for your dream wedding is important to you, consider seeking professional advice from your local financial advisors for a personalised financial game plan to work towards your wedding. Not sure where to seek help? We’re just a click away.

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