8 Habits for the Rich

Did you know that talent, money and looks aren’t always factors for success? It’s true! It’s easy to believe that only certain people will ever be successful in life but you’ve been misdirected. What makes someone rich and successful, ladies and gentlemen, are habits. Yes, you read that right.


Today we have 8 special tips and habits of the rich and successful for your guidance:

1.       They Read a Lot

Reading is an enriching experience and rich and successful people know this. According to Tom Corley, the difference between rich people’s reading habits and poor people’s is the purpose – poor people read only for entertainment purposes (fiction) while rich people read to educate themselves (non-fiction).

They read self-improvement books, biographies of successful people, history and anything related to personal finance because they are aware that these books are filled with valuable information that will help them in the long run. They want to improve themselves and stand out from the competition which is why they are constantly looking for knowledge. Reading also includes audio books – rich people prefer listening to informative audio books instead of morning prank calls on the radio because they want to start their day with a fresh mind. 

Pick up a book at the nearest bookstore and start slowly by choosing topics you’re interested and passionate about so you won’t get bored. Once you’ve built your momentum, you’ll never want to stop.

2.       Eat Healthy and Exercise

Your health is your wealth.

Having enough money equals freedom, which really means being in control of your time. You can use it to pursue the projects that are meaningful to you, spend it with the people you love, or devote it to your adventures. Therefore, time is what we are ultimately after but poor health will rob you of it. Which is why, according to Corley, wealthy people value their health and structure their eating habits accordingly as well as staying fit by exercising. They understand that a long life ensures more opportunities.

Eat more vegetables and cut down on junk food. Go for a thirty-minute jog every weekend and sign up for a gym membership near your home. In order to focus on your goals, you have to be mentally AND physically fit.

3.       Live Accordingly  

Rich people live within their means, or at least, know how to prioritize.

They don’t fall for the life inflation trend like most people – they don’t necessarily upgrade their car just because they can or splurge on every item they wanted. This doesn’t mean that they are stingier than the rest, though, just that they put more discipline in where their money goes.

One of the most common ways to live within your means is by using the Jars Money Management System. This system, if followed closely, will help you manage your finances better by dividing where your main income should go to – necessities, play, long-term, education, financial freedom, and give.  Rich people are also extra cautious with their credit card (how much the spend) to not accumulate heavy debt.

4.       Avoids Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest difference between rich people and poor people. It’s a nasty and addictive habit, a common trap most tend to fall for. Why? Because we believe we always have time.

Wrong. Time is constantly running and we are always playing catching up. What sets rich and successful people apart is that they know that time is money. When you run out of time, you will fall behind in the race. So, what do rich people do? They never put off what they need to do. They are aware that procrastination creates dissatisfied employers, customers or clients, as well as damages other non-business relationships. Hence, they pick up valuable habits such as following a to-do list, set deadlines, and have a strict “do-it-now” affirmation.

5.       Goal Oriented

All rich and successful people are incredibly goal oriented.

Being goal-oriented allows you to have a clear direction where you want to head to. Do you want to travel to Europe for two months? Or save up to pursue your higher education overseas? Having that goal in mind will make your money saving plans more bearable and productive because you will know what needs to be done to achieve it. And this goes out to all goals, not just financial ones.

With a goal in mind, you are driven to make sure it happens. The mind of a rich person is clear and they always maintain their motivation to achieve it since they’ve visualized it in their heads. And with that goal, those who are successful in life have three things in common: focus, persistence and patience.  Most importantly, they never give up.

6.       Network

In order to be successful, you need to surround yourself with successful people. Hence why networking is immensely important.

Networking is used by professionals to expand their circles of acquaintances, to find out about job opportunities in their fields, and to increase their awareness of news and trends in their fields or in the greater world. According to research, networking can lead to people performing better at work and increases the chance of landing a job. Rich people love to network because that is how they manage to be ahead of the game all the time.

Networking could be in the form of joining a Non-Profit Group Board or Committee, volunteering and even just by making the effort to join dinner/lunch/breakfast with different types of circles. Developing personal relationships with these folks will often result in future business relationships.

7.       Give 100%

When it comes to work, these people never settle for the less. They know that in order to be perceived as valuable to the company and as an asset, they need to perform well in their work to ensure more opportunities are directed their way.

You can gain more opportunities at work by improving your skills. The more skilled you are, the better results you can create for your company — and your boss cares about results. It’s also recommended to take lateral roles. Exposing yourself to a variety of company activities can increase your chances of promotion since most people love a flexible worker. Don’t forget, people work hard to achieve the mutual goals of their employers or their businesses.

8.       Main Purpose

Last but not least, the rich and successful always have a main purpose in life.

Goals are smaller and attainable but a main purpose is what keeps you driven to do what you need to do.  Those people who pursue a dream or a main purpose in life are by far the wealthiest and happiest among us. Because they love what they do for a living, they are happy to devote more hours each day driving toward their purpose.

Take a step back and evaluate your life. What makes you happy? Once you manage to figure that part out, then you’ll find out that money isn’t the only thing that makes your life a rich one.

In conclusion

The road to wealth and success is a difficult and long one but also incredibly worth it. With these 8 habits we’ve shared, we wish you good luck as you finally embark on your success journey! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram page for more updates and life-saving tips. 

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