When it comes to insurance, most people share the same misconception that it is an unnecessary expenditure because they fail to see its value. To some people, insurance is useless as they haven’t utilized it at all after months and years of paying. It’s a form of “investment” that they do not see or have yet to see the returns. Hence, they would rather cut it off and allocate the money for other purposes. At the end of the day, the money will be spent on things that they might not even remember. With a healthy body, diseases won’t come[…]

When is the best time to invest in property? Successfully investing in property is the result of a few key elements coming together and working perfectly – gaining enough capital, finding the right property to purchase and the right timing to close the deal. It is not enough to have one or two of these elements when you want to invest in real estate. You should have all three aspects to ensure your investments earn a justified ROI for you. You might be wondering if there is really a best time to invest in property and the answer is yes.[…]

So you did it. You managed to talk your parents into letting you move to the big city and now you’re finally on the road to independence! All that is left is to find a place to stay with your friends and split the rent, easy stuff! Right?  Wrong!  Getting your own place isn’t just paying for the rent. You’ve got bills to think of, the water, the gas, the Wifi…But how should you approach this if this is your first time? Figure Out Your Financial Standing If this is the first time you’re stepping into financial independence, then this[…]

Cashless Society. We’re currently at an age where money is slowly becoming less tangible as it is replaced by its digital equivalent – whether in the form of Bitcoin or digital wallets. Today, e-wallets are practically everywhere and Malaysia and Singapore are not exempted from it. But the e-Wallet industry is competitive, as more apps are created to help us make a smooth payment method. Which is why we’ve listed our favorite e-Wallets in both Malaysia and Singapore just for you. Enjoy! Singapore: FavePay FavePay offers two things any Singaporean can’t ignore – cashbacks and discounts!  This e-Wallet is the[…]

Malaysians are fond of travelling, have you heard? It’s true. By 2021, Malaysians are expected to make 14.2 million trips out of the country annually! That would make us the second most seasoned travelers in Southeast Asia. With the last quarter of the year on our heels, more Malaysians are taking advantage of their annual leave to their dream destination. But travelling can cost an arm and a leg (and a shoulder?) so we’ve decided to compile five money saving travel hacks for budget travellers. Our hacks include finding cheap flights, cheap accommodation and even points you to great cashback[…]

Are you ready for your retirement? Whether it’s forty years away or twenty years, getting ready for your retirement is vital. This is especially important considering how, according to the Randstad Workmonitor Q1 2015 survey, 82% of employees in Malaysia expect to retire between the ages of 60-65 – well above the retirement age. RinggitPlus also discovered that 47% of Malaysians aged 35 and above have not even started saving for retirement. What could this mean? Possibly that the majority of working aged people think that they do not earn or have enough to save for their retirement. And neither[…]

A couple of days ago, Grab Malaysia launched PayLater, a post-paid payment option for all of its services – Grab rides, GrabFood and GrabExpress. Essentially, it’s a payment method in which Grab lends you a specific amount of credit (for example, RM300). You will then be eligible to use the credit to pay for your services. Of course, by the 7th of the following month, you need to pay back the amount of credit you’ve used. It’s an impressive new feature, isn’t it? This is only one of the few instances smartphones have transformed how we make our payments. Whatever[…]

Earning your first salary is often an exciting moment. After years of being financially dependent on families or loans, getting your first big salary is incredibly exhilarating. You are no longer confined to waiting for others to provide you money since you make your own! If this is the first time you’ve ever gotten a salary then chances are, you can’t wait to spend it. Understandable. You’ve earned with it your own effort and hard work, so splurging on yourself or your loved ones is expected. However, the way you spend your first salary could also be a tell-tale mark[…]

We each have a certain set of beliefs or attitudes towards a lot of things in life – politics, sports, religion, education, and even money. Your money attitude is how you shape your beliefs about money; what it means to you, and what it represents. How do you feel about money – are you greedy about it or are you bitter? And how much does money influence your non-financial decisions? Money attitude is your way of thinking about money If you’re a little unsure about your money attitude, we have just the exercise for you. Find a secluded spot and[…]

Of all the necessities in our life, it’s safe to say we put a lot of priority on food. Food is essential – it fuels our energy and it helps that they’re delicious (most of the time, at least). We physically cannot live without food which is understandable why majority of us spend a lot on it. But, should we really overspend on food alone? According to research, Malaysians who earn minimum wage spend nearly 40 per cent of their salary on groceries. So, if the minimum wage in Malaysia is RM1,100, that means these people are spending almost RM400[…]