Are you managing life with jumping from one paycheck to the next and feeling tired of living with the uncertainty of not knowing if your bills can be paid in the next month? It’s a stressful way to live, and no one should accept that life needs to be so financially unbalanced. Scrambling to make ends meet every month, juggling the payment of different bills and living in constant fear of a financial emergency can take a toll on anyone. The good news is that it’s not impossible to get out of the rut of living from paycheck to paycheck,[…]

Are you looking to earn passive income with your savings and want to try your hand at investing? There are many avenues to consider, and as a first-time investor in Singapore, it’s best to do some research before fully committing to the investment plan. Here’s a quick guide to investing in Singapore: 1. Shares A popular form of investing in Singapore is the practice of buying and selling shares on the stock market. Shares are issued by companies to raise financing from interested investors, and when you invest in a share, you will own part of the company. This form[…]

The world of investments can be incredibly confusing. With all the complex terms and bizarre jargon that are constantly thrown around, it can get a little intimidating to dip our toes into unknown waters. But investments need not be confusing as they are meant to be utilized A topic that pops up a lot nowadays is the concept of compounding interest. It tends to be spoken about like it is magical in some way, with throngs of financial bloggers and gurus claiming that compounding interests is the holy grail in any investment. But will it? So what is compounding interest[…]

Ah, the first home. It’s every young, wide-eyed young man and woman’s dream. The tingling of the keys in their hands, and the excitement of turning the lock to the door of their first pride and joy in the milestone of their adult life and career. Buying a home is a pretty big deal. But with so many options out there, the whole process can get a little bit intimidating. But fear not. Buying a house need not be as complicated as it sounds. Here’s a guide to help you figure it out: Step 1: Determine the reason for your[…]

In Kuala Lumpur, RM300 million of benefits went unclaimed in the insurance and takaful industry. The same goes for the situation in Singapore, an alarming amount of over 8,000 insurance payouts in Singapore are unclaimed in 2016. We tend to forget about these insurance documents and just dump them at a certain corner of our homes. We get you; it is hard to track the amount of important paperwork and documents that snowball over time. Woefully, insurance documents are often misplaced and overlooked, resulting in many unclaimed insurance policies. Has any of your loved ones ever experienced this? And what happens if you[…]